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The drive behind iCandy USA is our passion in the shared EV mobility industry with our state-of-the-art EV Scooter and pioneering hardware and software solutions.

This enables us to focus on what matters most, evolving outstanding customer experiences, while keeping operations streamlined. In turn, giving us the flexibility to scale, adapt to change and collaborate across the industry.

Who we are

We build quality scooters helping to make a difference in people’s lives for the better.

iCandy delivers the goods!  Come check us out in our shop page or on the streets near you and get yours today.


we do this so thıs happens

Every rideshare scooter comes with an LED screen so our partners can place advertisement.  Don’t be negative… we do this for a good cause, and we make sure you benefit as well.  We keep the ride share costs affordable and give options for each rider to donate towards a charity.  In cities that participate in our programs we give you the power to choose which charity gets your donation.

Sometimes advertising can be a very positive experience and tool to help us achieve a win win solution for everyone.  Keep on riding… Every ride counts!

we Show this so thıs happens


Our software is very high tech but easy to use.  We kept our riders in mind when developing our software to make your experience on any iCandy product great from the start.  Our software is reliable and delivers every time.  Next time you want to ride, you’re just one scan away. 

we develop this so thıs happens


Here At ICandy,

We rıde ıt hard!

Shredding the streets and off-road trails day or night is what iCandy is all about.


Rideshare Scooters | Off-Road Scooters | Personal Scooters | Accessories 

Need More Information?

Contact Us Today!

Whether you're interested in learning more about our platform, want to join the iCandy community, or just want to chat about the future of shared mobility, we're here for you. So don't be shy, contact us now and let's have some fun while we help you with your journey!

Stay Connected!

We also developed our social side of iCandy “Go Social” making your personal experience’s fun, keeping you informed and providing you a spot to stay connected with friends and family. By joining Go Social you can enable it to allow others to see where you are ridding, or if you just have something to say, post it or drop a picture down.  Go Social is fun and cool giving you a spot to express yourself and connect with others. 

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iCandy USA has many solutions to fit riders of all types.  Our goal is to make your experience with iCandy memorable, driving you to come back and ride again.  We realize the need for better and more accessible transportation at affordable prices so we designed our scooters with LED screens to offset the cost per ride and giving us the ability to make every ride count by donating to charities.

Go Social… and share. Oh. By the way, it’s free!

Everyone is waiting to hear from you. When you join, we give you free ride time and if you share, we give your friends free ride time and you get additional free time, that’s how we roll.  If we don’t see you on the streets, we hope to see you on Go Social.  

As one of the founders and CEO of iCandy USA, I believe everyone should have a reliable means of transportation, while reducing the carbon footprint. Electric scooters are the way of the future and the future is the way of iCandy. Live life, live strong, live long!

Michael Healy

CEO, Founder iCandy USA

“As a co-founder of iCandy it is my goal to deliver the safest transportation possible while giving our customers unique options not available on other scooters. We strive to deliver the best customer experience and show why iCandy is the way of the future! Let’s Go Green together!”

Michael Paolillo

COO, Founder iCandy USA

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