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Steps To Become A Zombie



Get the app, it's the key to your Zombie or Vampire journey.  Easy to use, available on all devices.


Sign Up

Fill out your profile, get approved and join the army of chargers of the night, on the hunt for brains (err, batteries!).


Pick Batteries

Find scooters with low batteries and charge or swap them.  Start earning money and join the revolution!

Upgrade to Vampires, the Elite Hunters

Join the Night Shift

Unleash the thrill of earning more by proving your skills as a zombie. Every battery swapped brings you closer to reaching the pinnacle of the night shift. Take your pick of the streets and charge your way to the top.

What comes next after being a zombie? You.. 

Become A Vampire!

What does a zombıe do?

Zombies locate the dead

Battery Hunters Unite! Join the army of zombies as they hit the streets in search of low-battery scooters.  Armed with iCandy charger cords, these adventurous souls are on a mission to keep the wheels rolling.

Zombie Charges Batteries

After a long night of hunting and earning money, it's time to power up.  With a home base set up, these heroes plug in their scooters and get to work and turn dead batteries into fully charged rides ready for their next adventure.

Vampires Drop 


Successful Zombies turn into Vampires and sneak into the day or night, swapping low batteries for freshly charged ones. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it and who's better than a Vampire on a mission to keep the revolution rolling?

Earn with each battery charge or swap.

Opportunities to level up.

Join the shared mobility revolution

Brains or Batteries

Step into the world of iCandy Zombies and Vampires and join the night time revolution.  Grab your power strip and become a part of the zombie keepers of the night!

Register from the App

Become a Zombie

Start Picking Batteries up

Charge or Swap Batteries

Flag Vehicles for maintenance

Join the tribe today!

Awaken The Zombie!

Earn money by charging or swapping scooter batteries.  Level up your earnings. Be a part of the revolution.  Join now!

Have Questions About

Joining the Night Crew?

The streets come alive at night and so do we! Our Zombies and Vampires hit the pavement in search of drained scooters, charging up their batteries and bringing new life to the streets.  If you're wondering about how we walk the night, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Friends Come First

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