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Now, how do we do this?

How To Ride iCandy

Search The QR Code

First thing you need to do is scan the QR code on the handlebar with your phone.

Check The Scooter

Check the brake and throttle before you start riding to make sure you will have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Ready, Set, Ride!

Now, the fun starts! Accelerate the scooter by pushing with your foot and start riding by pressing the throttle.

Safety Is Key

Make sure to always pay attention to pedestrian traffic while riding to keep you and others around you safe.

The Equipment

Wear protective equipment that will protect you properly while riding.

End Your Ride

Every good thing has to end. Park the scooter in a safe place following the rules and take a photo to help us make sure the next ride is as fun as this one.

Ride Sober

Do not operate the iCandy scooter while under the influence of alcohol or any substance that might impair your ability to ride.

Ride Alone

We know it's so much fun riding together but for your own safety ride together with friends on different scooters.

Battery Zombies

Our zombie chargers earn extra income, making it ideal as a side gig or even full time.

Meet iCandy, Meet the 


Meet iCandy Today!



You Can Have It All At Your Fingertips!

The app is designed only for you. With deals on the go and promos all the time, join iCandy and see how it rolls.

Enjoy Your Rides

Protect Your Head

Connect To Friends

Ride it Hard!

With this app you can start riding easy. We urge you to rent our helmet or wear your own helmet at all times while riding.  Be safe - Keep safe - Stay safe!

Ride it Hard! 

Rent a Helmet

Socialize with Friends

Customize Your LED Colors

Learn How to Use iCandy

Share or Gift Ride Time to Friends

Protect Your Head, Use The Helmet

UV Sanitized

Renting a helmet from iCandy ensures that you have a clean and sanitized helmet for each ride, giving you peace of mind.

App Integrated

Rent a helmet directly from the iCandy app and stay protected on the go with ease, without any hassle of carrying or buying a helmet.

Stay Protected

Stay protected while riding an electric scooter. With competitive pricing and easy availability, there's no reason to compromise on your safety.

Place your logo here, there and everywhere.

​Your logos on our helmets will increase your company and brands exposure.  Sounds like a good place to advertise to me.  Get in touch with us and make your advertising dollars count.  Your company or brands will be seen all around the city and on the move,  be seen by more people and get more eyeballs on your logo.  Make a lasting impression,  be part of the revolution and join us now!

Register in no time, pay instantly

 Trusted Partners

With our entrusted partners, we made things so much easier for you. You can register with only one click and go on from there.  Making a payment is easier than ever!

Exclusive Deals

1.  Join and get free ride time.

2.  Share or gift ride time

3.  Round up and choose your charity

4.  Get others to join, and you both get free ride time.

5.  Join Go Social and get free ride time.

Promo Codes

At iCandy we make this simple. We will post Promo Codes so you can take advantage of awesome Deals on Wheels programs. Simply enter your Promo Code into the spot on the app and bam... you automatically win and on your way to a great promo. Take it one step further and share with your friends and you both can reap the rewards.

Better With Friends

Everything is better with friends, isn't that what life is about. Join Go Social, it's free! plus great sign up promos. Now get out there and ride, hit the streets, be safe and explore, Go Social. Once you're on don't worry, you will be hooked and having a blast sharing pictures, following friends, or just annoying everyone with posts. Whatever your story is we all want to hear it and see it.

Subscribe now for future deals

Deals on Wheels

Spontaneous Deals Anytime, Anywhere

Daylong Discounts

Be sure to subscribe to iCandy and join our weekly newsletter to stay on top of all of the updates and also, don't miss any chance to get a deal just for you!

Need More Information?

Contact Us Today!

Whether you're interested in learning more about our platform, want to join the iCandy community, or just want to chat about the future of shared mobility, we're here for you. So don't be shy, contact us now and let's have some fun while we help you with your journey!

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Don't Be Afraid,

Hit the links below! 


Meet the ıcandy 

  • Cell Phone Holder & Charging System

  • Backlit LED iCandy Logo

  • Front/Rear Reflectors

  • 12" Diameter front tire with aluminum rims

  • Dual Absorption Shocks for a smooth ride

  • Drink Holder

  • Retractable Folding Seat fitted into the riding platform with pin lock for seat and height adjustable post

  • Wider platform with heavy duty rubber non-slip matt

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame

  • 10" Diameter rear tire with aluminum rims

  • Acceleration Lever

  • Bright Red LED Brake Light


Icandy Rıde features

  • Hi Visibility Headlight
  • Duel Batteries
  • Side Blinkers for added safety and visibility

  • Amazing LED Strip Lighting ensures that the rider and scooter are seen at night. (pick your custom color in the app)

  • Scooter Equipped With IoT Crash Sensors and Emergency Notification System

  • 10" LED Display running ads 24/7

  • UV Sanitizing Light disinfects helmet

  • High Durability Protective Helmet with sensor lock.  Advertise your logo!

  • Swappable Batteries with sensor & lock

  • Digital Display shows speed, battery level & error codes


what ıcandy provıdes

  • Commercial Grade electric scooters with loT

  • GPS, helmet, super admin panel, custom app and much more

  • Full Candy fleet support

  • Financing made easy. 

  • In-app safety tutorials, instructions, and FAQs

  • Marketing to increase brand awareness of iCandy scooters

  • Charging system with each iCandy scooter

  • iCandy fleet maintenance support and parts fulfillment.  Order parts easily

  • Complete startup training program for every iCandy business owner

  • Protected iCandy territories


We got you covered

  • With our iOT software you can be assured we offer our franchise partners the most up to date full stack platform

  • We take our ride analytics serious,  providing you the edge needed to make informed decisions and keeping riders safe

  • İCandy FleetControl is a fleet data management software that gives mobility providers the ability to connect, control, monitor, and optimize our fleet quickly and easily from one interface

  • In addition, iCandy FleetControl enables over-the-air vehicle troubleshooting, analyzing fleet status, managing vehicle maintenance across fleet segments and remote updates.

Go Off Road!

Designed for Durability and Performance, iCandy's personal Off-Road Scooters Offer an Unbeatable Riding Experience. Don't Limit Yourself to the Pavement - Take Your Riding to the Next Level with ICandy's Off-Road Scooters!

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Ride it Hard!

Download iCandy

At iCandy, we care.

At iCandy, we prioritize the safety of our riders. That's why we strongly encourage all riders to follow proper safety procedures and use your own helmet or unlock the iCandy provided helmet while riding. 

So Many Features, Still Not Sure?

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