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Ride it Hard!

The next generation of mobility - Ride it hard with iCandy!


Find your ride in seconds with iCandy! Download the app, locate available scooters on the map and start exploring the city in style.


Ready to ride? iCandy makes it easy! Simply scan the QR code on the handlebars and the scooter is yours. Smooth and convenient.


Get the wind in your hair with iCandy! Agree to the terms, start riding, follow traffic laws and wear a helmet. End the ride by locking the scooter on the app. Ride on!

Features & Benefits

How to Start with iCandy?

An offer you can't refuse..

Your First Ride!

Get ready to turn heads with iCandy! Our electric scooters are the ultimate accessory for any adventure. And the best part? Your first ride is on us! That's right, you get a discount on your first trip and a free start.

Download now and join the iCandy tribe!

Download Now!

Don't miss out on the fun, download the app, find a scooter and scan the QR code. Get ready to feel the freedom of the open road, and have a blast. So what are you waiting for? Join the electric scooter revolution with iCandy today!






Here at iCandy, we care.

Our Core Principles

Become a Zombie Today

Brains or Batteries?

As a zombie, you'll be in charge of keeping our electric scooters on the road by collecting and charging low battery scooters and replacing them with fully charged ones. So why wait? Sign up to become a zombie today!

Advertise on iCandy

Get Noticed, Everywhere

Advertise on the move with iCandy's patrolling billboards. Our electric scooters' LED screens display your ads anywhere, anytime. Get noticed by millions as they ride through the city. Experience unique, innovative advertising with iCandy!

Two wheels, endless fun.

With friends it's twice the fun

Ride Together

Riding alone is so last year. Connect with friends on iCandy and take your electric scooter adventures to the next level. See each other on maps, share adventures, bonuses and win deals together.  Join the ride and start socializing now!

Ride the Wave of Success

Become a Partner!

Join iCandy's innovative platform for a successful shared mobility business. Advertise and connect riders within the app. Comprehensive support provided.  Lead your community forward.

Need More Information?

Contact Us Today!

Whether you're interested in learning more about our platform, want to join the iCandy community, or just want to chat about the future of shared mobility, we're here for you. So don't be shy, contact us now and let's have some fun while we help you with your journey!

Join The iCandy Movement

Choose the Path
That Works for You

iCandy has many different ways that you can join the movement. Choose the one that works for you and be a part of the journey!

Feel The Wind


İCandy has the perfect ride for you, whether you're exploring or commuting daily iCandy will be there for you.  Don't get left behind or stuck in traffic.  Check out the rides now!

Become A Zombie


Calling all zombies! Sign up now to join the zombie squad and make sure our scooters never run out of juice!  Want more... make the night yours and advance to a Vampire.

Go Your Way


Don't want to rent?  We have the perfect ride for those who like to go their own way - make your style your own and hit the streets with your personal iCandy scooter!

Ads On The Move


Advertise with iCandy's mobile screens on the go and get noticed with unique and innovative advertising solutions.

Innovate Mobility


Join iCandy and lead the way in shared mobility! Get the support you need to succeed and partner today with iCandy team!

Double The Fun

Go Social

Register now!  Become part of the experience.  See your friends on maps, share pictures and stories. Let's make the future happen - join the ride today!

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Ride it Hard!

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